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Translation: Janice Forster



        I have written this diary for my wife Carla and myself because I wished to remember all our experiences during these journeys with our camper and especially to remember:


-        our morning awakenings, setting off, looking for a place to park for the night

-        the fantastic lunches and dinners prepared by Carla

-        the weather that accompanied our journeys: rain, wind fog and sun

-        the beautiful scenery, the mountains, the woods, the clouds, the birds and the fish; in short all the beautiful nature which has been the main purpose of our journeys

-        our fishing trips, our mountain climbing, our long walks, especially near water - sea or fresh water


        We have experienced all this with a joy we do not want to forget. Perhaps one day our children, or grandchildren will read these diaries with interest and look at our photos; or perhaps it will be our relations or friend in Australia, America or Europe.


        I also believe that these diaries will be useful for others, especially those who travel in campers, as I have indicated the roads and their condition, maps and itineraries, the ferries and their prices, the tolls to pay on the roads, the bridges, the tunnels etc. Of course I haven’t written everything, but if there is something useful, I have done well to write what follows.


        In conclusion: Whoever likes this style of diary, have fun reading it!